New Patient Protocol

Dr. Rosa’s new patient protocol is as follows:

The patient should arrive at the Rosa Clinic in Rock Hill, N.Y. on or before a Thursday in order for Dr. Rosa to take cervical x-rays.  The cervical x-rays will make it possible for Dr. Rosa to perform his Image Guided Atlas TreatmentTM (IGAT™.)  Next, the MRI scans, using Dr. Rosa’s patented and patent pending diagnostic Imaging methods, will take place either Friday or Saturday in Latham, N.Y., at Capital Region Upright MRI.  Dr. Rosa’s MRI Procedure takes about 3 hours, and consists of both pre-MRI scans and a pre-CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) flow study.  From there, Dr. Rosa will perform his Image Guided Atlas TreatmentTM, followed by a post CSF flow study.  For the best outcome, especially with complex cases, Dr. Rosa recommends patients return to Rock Hill, N.Y. on Monday through Thursday for follow-up care and treatment.  In some cases, patients may need 2 weeks of follow-up care, relative to the complexity and chronicity of their case.  The follow up care is essential, so that Dr. Rosa can monitor the patient and make sure they are holding their atlas correction and stabilizing.