Side by side images of a patient in:

Neutral Upright Position 960x330

Neutral Upright Position


Flexation Position 960x330

Flexation Position

The above image is in flexion position correlating Motion X-ray guided Upright MRI.  The red arrow is pointing to a torn posterior longitudinal ligament (bottom arrow), as well as a large subligamentous disc herniation at C5-C6.  The top arrow is showing anteriolisthesis (forward slipping) of C4 on C5, consistent with damage to the posterior longitudinal ligament.  There is also significant spinal stenosis noted at the level of C5
Subsequent Axial Imaging 960x330

Subsequent Axial Imaging

The above Flexion MRI imaging shows the subsequent axial imaging (right image, red arrow) showing significant large disc herniation at C5-C6 with both spinal cord and nerve root compression.

Extension Upright Position 960x330

Extension Upright Position

The above images are in an extension upright position, and show further spinal cord compression and further progression of the multi level disc protrusions.